Adair Award
for distinguished service

This is the highest honor OCIABC can bestow on one of its members. IABC-Oregon Columbia and our predecessor organizations have been giving this award since 1954.

H. Rodney Adair was a talented corporate editor in a time when internal communications was a new, but growing part of the communications profession. At the time of his passing in 1954, Mr. Adair was the vice president of the Oregon Industrial Editors Association (OIEA). That organization later became the Oregon Association of Editors and Communicators (OAEC), and subsequently was one of the professional organizations that formed IABC.

From “A History of the OAEC”:

…amid the excitement of a successful year (53/54), young Adair was stricken. The death of this popular and talented editor struck a hard blow to every member. In sorrow, they resolved to keep alive his memory by the establishment of an annual award. A plaque was designed, to bear the name and publication of a member editor cited each year for editorial excellence. This award, which still endures, added dignity and stature to the association. The first year’s recipient was Ed Cauduro, in 1954. He shared the honor with John Fergison, his successor as editor of Space magazine (The Hyster Company).

“The influence of one of our finest thus continues down the years to flower among editors and communicators who did not get to know the man they honor, but still are inspired by his life and service.” (1969)

The award initially honored editorial excellence.  In 1967, the Rodney Adair Award was broadened to honor professional achievement and outstanding service to the association. Today, the award commemorates Mr. Adair’s legacy of active membership and dedicated service, and is presented (annually) to a member who has demonstrated sustained and exceptional levels of service to the chapter and professional advancement. OCIABC remembers his legacy of chapter commitment, active membership, and dedicated service by making this the highest honor the chapter can bestow on a member.

Award winners

2014       Chris Wain
2012       Tracey Barnett
2011        Will Simonds
2007       Glenn Perkins
2006       Barbara Kommer
2005       Barbara Bryant
2004       Tom Unger
2002       Sue Donnellan (Brundege)
2000       Ron Iseri
1998       Sam Vigil
1995       Julie Piper-Finley
1990       Anna Browne
1989       Barry Lacter
1988       Craig Walker
1987       Jan Mitchell
1986       Chris Normandin
1985       Barbara Ellis
1984       Randy Shipley
1983       Scott Guptill
1982       Paula Umbreit
1981       George Carver
1980       Dolores Chenoweth
1979       Tom Santee
1978       Albert Arnst
1977       Stan Thompson
1976       Ken Cushman


1975       Dave Rianda
1974       Dave Underhill
1973       Dulcy Mahar
1972       Sylvia Erickson
1971       Mitchell Scott
1970       Norton Rosenblum
1969       Nell Conley
1968       Mary Ann Lockwood
1967       Frank Passmore
1966       Louise Hoyt
1965       Hazel Judd
1964       David Hedges
1963       The Creel Committee
1962       The Creel Committee
1961       Newton Thornton
1960       Lawrence Halpenny
1959       Glenn Gillespie
1958       Floyd Bennett
1957       Sam McKinney
1956       Elbert Boice and Horace Dobson
1955       John Fergison
1954       Ed Caduro and John Fergison