2003 OCIABC Communicator Awards

Bronze Beacon Awards

The 2003 competition resulted in Awards of Merit  and Awards of Excellence  in these categories:

Awards in the Writing category recognize effective use of language, style and structure in published work, scripts or speeches. Special consideration is given to clear, lively writing that draws the readers in.

  • Excellence:  Mark Goldstein (Cultivating a Partnership)
  • Excellence:  Mark Goldstein (Underwriting: An essential spoke in the insurance wheel)
  • Excellence:  Mark Goldstein (Comic Relief: Deanna Moffit Manages Important IT projects with a sense of humor)
  • Merit:  Suzanne Morse, Jackson and Perkins (2003 Habitat for Humanity Rose Media kit )
  • Merit:  Suzanne Morse, Jackson Perkins (Reagan Roses Media kit)
  • Merit:  Tom Unger (150 years of embracing diversity)

Entries in the design category represent an organizational brand identity or other project where design is the primary communication function or tool. These awards recognize Excellence:  in graphic design, creative design solutions and production within budget.

  • Merit:  Jennifer Perrella, Corporate logowork (Eastern Trading & Design Company)
  • Merit:  Anna Browne (The Standard Magazine)
  • Merit:  Brian Krieg (NECA/IBEW Local 48 print ads)
  • Excellence:  Jennifer Perrella,  Portland Metro Soils (Salmon Web site)

The publications category combines the criteria of design, visual arts and writing. Entries in the publication category are evaluated for their overall presentation and their ability to communicate consistently and effectively. Awards recognize entries that demonstrate a high level of creativity and expertise in all aspects of design, graphics, images, writing, editing and production.

  • Excellence:  Anna Browne (The Standard Magazine)
  • Merit:  Kaiser Permanente Member News group (KP member news)
  • Merit:  Kaiser Permanente Health Education Services (Kaiser Permanente health education service)

Audio/Visual Communications

  • Merit:  Brian Krieg (Doug Spot)
  • Excellence:  Brian Krieg (TV spot series)

Electronic and Interactive Communications
The electronic and interactive communications category recognizes excellence in computer-based or electronically distributed communication programs. Awards recognize both the quality of the information presented, as well as the ability to access and navigate the information easily.

  • Merit:  Gary Conkling, Josh Spivey and Dave Fiskum (Insider Online e-newsletter triples use of CFM Web site)
  • Excellence:  Brian Krieg  (NECA/IBEW local 48 Web site )
  • Merit:  Tami Boardman, Sanjana Kapur and Britt Parrott (David Evans and Associates Web site)

Communication Programs and Promotional Campaigns
Entries in the communications programs and promotional campaigns category include projects, programs and campaigns defined by a well-developed communication plan, including research, strategy, planning, implementation, measurement and evaluation. Awards recognize achievement in communicating a variety of messages to a wide range of audiences through creative planning, use of materials and ability to obtain the desired results.

  • Excellence:  Xerox Office Group (Light years ahead – Xerox Phaser 6200 and Phaser 8200 launch)
  • Merit: Xerox Office Group (Screamin’ – Xerox Phaser 7300 launch)
  • Merit:  Port of Vancouver USA , 90th anniversary campaign)
  • Merit:  Eric Endicott (Operating engineers local 701 head start event)


Chapter Service Awards

Rodney Adair Memorial Award

More than twenty years ago, Rodney Adair left Oregon Columbia IABC with a legacy of active membership and dedicated service. After he died tragically in a car accident, the chapter created the Rodney Adair Memorial Award in 1980 “for sustained and exceptional service to the association and for professional advancement.” This is the highest honor our chapter can bestow to a member.

Trudy Hussmann: For three years Trudy has faithfully and reliably managed the chapter finances month after month. Furthermore, she has organized our financial records, implemented our credit card acceptance process, started the audit process, and has sought out new members to join our group. She always knows when to ask prudent questions about our financial affairs, and she also knows when it’s feasible for us to forge new directions, such as with the Membership Grant program and with donations to the IABC Foundation. She makes extremely detailed responsibilities appear to be effortless work. Despite the overall national economic turmoil, OCIABC’s finances have held steady for serveral years, thanks to Trudy Hussmann’s careful management.