2002 OCIABC Communicator Awards

Bronze Beacon Awards

The 2002 competition resulted in Awards of Merit  and Awards of Excellence  in these categories:

Awards in the Writing category recognize effective use of language, style and structure in published work, scripts or speeches. Special consideration is given to clear, lively writing that draws the readers in.

  • Excellence: Sheree G. Fitzpatrick, FitzCommunications & Associates (Vancouver Business Journal: “Fighting Fire with Fire”)  
  • Honorable Mention: Suzanne Morse, Bear Creek Corporation (Harry and David 2001 Holiday Feature Article)
  • Merit:  Internal Communications Team, PacifiCorp (A Day in the Life)
  • Honorable Mention: Shareefah Abdullah, Southwest Washington Health District (2001 Annual Report)
  • Excellence: Nathaniel J. Clevenger III, 3/The Public Communications Company (Oregon Angel Investment Barometer)
  • Merit:  Suzanne Morse, Bear Creek Corporation, Jackson & Perkins (Habitat for Humanity Rose Press Kit and Release)

Entries in the design category represent an organizational brand identity or other project where design is the primary communication function or tool. These awards recognize Excellence:  in graphic design, creative design solutions and production within budget.

  • Honorable Mention: Ric W. Drury, Pendleton Woolen Mills (Pendleton Corporate POS Brand Identity  )
  • Honorable Mention: Suzanne Foster, Brian King and Amy Van Camp, Tim Gauthier, Keith Edwards (“Blue Spark” Ad)

Audio/Visual Communications

  • Merit:  Internal Communications Team, PacifiCorp (The Power Behind the Games Employees Making It Happen)

 Visual Arts

  • Honorable Mention: Bob Byrd, Photography by Bob Byrd (Vancouver Business Journal: “Fighting Fire with Fire”)



  • Merit:  Anna Browne, StanCorp Financial Group (The Standard Magazine)
  • Merit:  Communications Team, PacifiCorp (Energy Insights)
  • Merit:  Patricia Atkins, Juli Page, Charlie Borland, Jane Glasser (Mentor Graphics 2001 Annual Report)
  • Excellence: Gary Conkling, Conkling Fiskum & McCormick, Inc. (Investing in Students) 
  • Honorable Mention: Sheree G. Fitzpatrick, Bob Byrd, Rich Layton, and Stewart Hartsfield, FitzCommunications & Associates (Full Market Value Electronic Sales Kit)

Electronic and Interactive Communications
The electronic and interactive communications category recognizes excellence in computer-based or electronically distributed communication programs. Awards recognize both the quality of the information presented, as well as the ability to access and navigate the information easily.

  • Excellence: Internal Communications Team, PacifiCorp (Olympics special edition of “Wired In”)
  • Merit:  Richard Myhre, Dina Temkin, and Jeana McClure, Corporate Communications and NetResults Web Teams, Portland General Electric (PGE Web Site Redesign)
  • Merit:  Norman R. Eder, Douglas E. Babb, Madeline J. Turnock, and Thomas A. Eiland, Susan Blettel and Charmagne Ehrenhaus (www.OregonEngineer.org Created to Fill Engineering Pipeline)
  • Honorable Mention: Internal Communications Team, PacifiCorp (PacifiCorp Fact File)

Communication Management
Entries in the Communication Management category demonstrate the entrant’s overall management of an effective communication program. Rather than focusing on the program components themselves (the key criteria for the Communication Programs & Promotional Campaigns category), awards recognize the entrant’s full range of communication management skills, including research, strategy, planning, implementation, measurement, and evaluation. 

  • Excellence: Ellen Berg, Young & Roehr Group (Operation Education Experts & Policymakers) 
  • Excellence: Internal Communications Team, PacifiCorp (Intranet Site Strategy)
  • Merit:   Internal Communications Team, PacifiCorp (Internal Communications Audit)

Communication Programs and Promotional Campaigns
Entries in the communications programs and promotional campaigns category include projects, programs and campaigns defined by a well-developed communication plan, including research, strategy, planning, implementation, measurement and evaluation. Awards recognize achievement in communicating a variety of messages to a wide range of audiences through creative planning, use of materials and ability to obtain the desired results.

  • Best of Show: Lisa Scardina, Bruce Forster (“The Holga Shootout” – Bringing the Creative Services Community Together for Bruce Forster Photography and Viewfinders Stock Photography  
  • Excellence:  Communications Team, PacifiCorp (Customer Energy Challenge)
  • Excellence:   Internal Communications Team, PacifiCorp (Do the Bright Thing)
  • Merit:  Jan Mitchell and Rhonda Rasmussen, Deston Nokes and Sally Mehalovich (Oregon Electricity Restructuring Campaign)  
  • Merit:  Xerox Office Printing Business and Ogilvy Public Relations Team: Erin Isselmann, Lisa Weaver, Alyssa Light, Lisa Steen, Carolann Samuels, Jill Fairbanks, Laurie Alexander, Halie Crocker, Brooke Baldwin, and Shannon Gallant (The Adventures of PhaserMan, Xerox Phaser 7700 Launch)  
  • Honorable Mention: Doug Riggs and Suzanne Foster (Pac/West Communications), Coalition for Responsible River Use, Pacific Northwest Project, and United Power Trades Organization ( Got Fish?)
  • Honorable Mention: Douglas E. Babb, Norman R. Eder, Madeline J. Turnock, Gary Conkling, and Josh Spivey, Conkling, Fiskum & McCormick, Inc. (Westside Story: Learning to Love Infrastructure)

 Chapter Service Awards

Rodney Adair Memorial Award

More than twenty years ago, Rodney Adair left Oregon Columbia IABC with a legacy of active membership and dedicated service. After he died tragically in a car accident, the chapter created the Rodney Adair Memorial Award in 1980 “for sustained and exceptional service to the association and for professional advancement.” This is the highest honor our chapter can bestow to a member.

  • Sue Donnellan
  • Ric Drury
  • Steven J. Kuyatt