2001 OCIABC Communicator Awards

Bronze Beacon Awards

The 2001 competition resulted in Awards of Merit  and Awards of Excellence  in these categories:

Awards in the Writing category recognize effective use of language, style and structure in published work, scripts or speeches. Special consideration is given to clear, lively writing that draws the readers in.

  • Excellence:  John Mangan, Greg Coyle, and Jonas Allen; KVO Public Relations (Crown Pacific Partners 2000 Annual Report)
  • Excellence: Jonas Allen; KVO Public Relations (Crown Pacific Partners article, published in Oregon Business Magazine)
  • Excellence: Barbara F. Bryant-Inman; CPDI (The Business Communicator’s Toolkit for OCIABC)
  • Merit:  Shareefah Abdullah; American Heart Association, Northwest Affiliate (Heart Disease Survivor Story)
  • Honorable Mention: Mary Rudinsky-Clow; Clow Communications (Sun Microsystems Success Story: (Sun Servers Keep Powell’s Books Online Ordering Successful)

Entries in the design category represent an organizational brand identity or other project where design is the primary communication function or tool. These awards recognize Excellence:  in graphic design, creative design solutions and production within budget.

  • Merit:  Kendra Hume; Kendra Hume Design (Lundin Cole Architects, PC Identity)

Visual Arts

  • Merit:  Bob Byrd; Photography by Bob Byrd (Greybeard Audio Brochure)

Electronic and Interactive Communications
The electronic and interactive communications category recognizes excellence in computer-based or electronically distributed communication programs. Awards recognize both the quality of the information presented, as well as the ability to access and navigate the information easily.

  • Merit:  Internal Communications Team; PacifiCorp (PacifiCorp’s Wired In Newsletter)

Management Processes

  • Excellence: Corporate Communications: Tami Boardman, Britt Parrott, and Connie Mar; David Evans and Associates, Inc. (Internal Communications Survey 2000)
  • Merit:  Lilisa Hall; PacifiCorp (PacifiCorp’s Internal Communications Strategy)

Communication Programs and Promotional Campaigns
Entries in the communications programs and promotional campaigns category include projects, programs and campaigns defined by a well-developed communication plan, including research, strategy, planning, implementation, measurement and evaluation. Awards recognize achievement in communicating a variety of messages to a wide range of audiences through creative planning, use of materials and ability to obtain the desired results.

  • Excellence: Dean Rodgers, Emily Taylor, Kara Lakkees, Jeremiah Glodoveza, Victor Domine, Jason Khoury, Jim Ashborn, Liese Piggott, and Mark Mohammadpour; Benjamin Group/BSMG Worldwide
    (“The Nice Guy in the Brown, Rumpled Suit” – The Media Makeover of Mentor Graphics)
  • Merit: Tami Boardman, Britt Parrott, and Connie Mar; David Evans and Associates, Inc. (Visionary Ideas Awards Program)
  • Excellence: David Dayton; Koopman Ostbo, Inc. (Johnstone Supply’s E-Commerce Initiative)
  • Merit:  Trudy Hussmann, Marcy Lehman, Ellen Lintz, Tim Moody, and Mary O’Loughlin; William M. Mercer Incorporated (Providence Health System Retirement/Investment Educational Program)
  • Honorable Mention: Lilisa Hall; PacifiCorp (PacifiCorp’s Transition Communications Plan)
  • Honorable Mention: CareOregon Community Solution Communication Team, including: Kristy Athens, Shari Black, Emily Cooper, Lauren Livesay Johnsen and Liz Yoshihara (CareOregon Community Solution Communication Center)

Overall Presentation

  • Excellence: Anna Browne; StanCorp Financial Group (The Standard Magazine)
  • Excellence: Gabriel H. Boehmer; Wells Fargo & Co. (EXPRESSline)
  • Excellence:  Anna Browne; StanCorp Financial Group (The Standard Magazine)
  • Merit:  Nancy Harris; Portland General Electric (The Revitalization of NewsLine)
  • Honorable Mention: Arnerich Massena & Associates, Inc. (Corporate Brochure)
  • Honorable Mention: Kama Simonds, Carla Yetter, Mike Hagen; SEH America (Strategic Customer Presentation Folder)

 Chapter Service Awards

  • Kathy Brock
    For her cheerful and dedicated commitment to handle the OCIABC chapter phone line for the second year.
  •  Barb Bryant
    For outstanding commitment to the profession.
  • Trudy Hussmann
    For her calm and reliable management of chapter finances to help ensure that OCIABC continues to stand every month on steady fiscal ground.
  • Paul Nickell
    For his years of involvement in the chapter, his smooth management of chapter programs, his leadership skills as president, and his wonderful, steadying influence on the Board.
  • Beth Quartarolo, ABC
    For her generous donation to fund publication of the Ampersand during the 2000 – 2001 program year, which helped to ensure that the OCIABC newsletter was timely and that production was reliable and efficient.
  • Tom Unger, ABC, APR
    For his years of service on the Board and his continuing contributions of time, expertise with publicity, and corporate donations for both the annual Portland Communicators Conference and the Spring Mingler.