Networking and Volunteer Opportunities

Whether you are looking to network with others, or if you are interested in expanding your professional horizons by volunteering, IABC/Oregon Columbia has interesting opportunities happening all the time.


Networking is a constant within IABC. You have opportunities to meet dozens of new people or reconnect with acquaintances at every event. There are hundreds of people involved in the communications profession  within the Portland and SW Washington area. Many of these folks are active members of IABC and regularly attend our events. They come to listen and learn, others find leads for jobs or talent-finding opportunities, and some will find an opportunity to drop off a business card or two. Non-members and guests are also welcome to check out most IABC’s seminars or events.


Volunteering gives members the chance to really grow within the organization. These members have a hand and a say in the things we do and the experiences we provide. There are many levels of volunteer opportunities available. IABC Board and committee members are volunteers committed to helping IABC for a specific duration of time. We also usually need help with mailings, event registration, room set up and many other event planning activities. IABC needs volunteers for a number of tasks, big and small. Get involved, meet new people and contribute to your professional organization’s success.

A long-time IABC member and leader on one of the benefits of volunteering:
“This is the best on-the-job training I can ever get.  I can do funny things on the board and not get fired.”
– Connie Eckhard, IABC Fellow