The value of IABC membership

by Carlton Paul Canaday-Elliott, VP Membership, Oregon-Columbia IABC

At the start of the year, we sent out a survey to members asking, “What do you value about your IABC membership? What do you need? What can be better?” Here are the results so far.

Areas of expertise

We asked members to rate their level of expertise on a variety of communications-related subjects, such as communications planning, corporate social responsibility, crisis communications, and metrics. Not surprisingly, writing was listed as the #1 area of expertise, followed by employee communications, communications planning and publications. Areas in which members felt they had the most room for growth were intranet development and speech writing. Interestingly, nearly 60% of respondents checked gamification as not being applicable to their experience.


IABC Membership Benefits

We asked members to rate both their level of interest and their level of satisfaction with the benefits that IABC membership offers. Here is a snapshot of those results.

Level of Interest









Level of Satisfaction









Interest and satisfaction levels in professional development events, workshops and conferences remain high. Members also expressed a high level of interest in job listings and networking opportunities but were mixed in their levels of satisfaction. Online training / webinars were ranked lowest in levels of satisfaction.

Topics for Future Professional Development Programs

Finally, we asked members to vote for the topics that they are most interested in for future professional development programs. The results are in the table below.


Even though members ranked communications planning as being among their top areas of expertise, it still remains the number one topic of interest for workshops and events. Social media for internal communications, online content management, and crisis communications/issues management also ranked high.


Relevant, engaging professional development opportunities and workshops remainsa key priority for our members. The OCIABC Board is committed to organizing events that will provide our members with insight and practical knowledge while also enabling them to expand their professional network.

Thank you to all who responded to the survey. For those of you who have not yet done so, we encourage you to let us hear your voice; click here to take the survey. Your feedback is invaluable!