Did you attend Cultivate Critical Connections in February?

anna_browneby Anna Browne, Senior Editor and Writer for The Standard

No matter where you are in your career, it’s still your career. Where you’ve worked and what kind of communicating you’ve done is defined by your unique experiences. So whether you’ve had a lot of years of experience or only a few, it’s always fascinating to hear about the careers of other communicators. What are they working on? What deadlines and challenges do they face? How much does social media play a role? How much critical planning or measurement do they really do?

I found the answers to these questions and much more at the February event in the Melody Ballroom. Approximately fifteen communicators attended. It was a great location and the time could only have been better spent with increased attendance so more of us could share our stories across the table.

The five topic choices were communications planning strategies, internal/employee communications, metrics and reporting, cultivating strategic relationships and getting skin in the game using newer channels. There weren’t enough of us to complete all five tables, but the tables that filled enjoyed lively conversation and a spirited exchange of questions and answers until our time was up.

I loved the concept of a self-directed professional learning opportunity. It was like an IABC or PRSA conference in one room with the tables representing the different workshops where you could  participate and learn. The best part was the flexibility to change tables or stay and explore the topic you were discussing. It was also fun to connect with old friends and meet new people through these conversations. And I learned I will never complain about a tight deadline again after listening to the people from Portland Center Stage!